Deep Journey into self, personal sessions, ceremonies

Breath- Touch- Movement - Sexual Energy – Presence – Trance experience

Through your Heart, Through your Body

Through Love- Through Nature

Hi, my name is Dakini Bhavani, sky dancer

I am  both French and Israeli, working as a sexual healer and tantrica since 2011

I love my work

It is a real honor to serve that field of life

Love and Sacred Sexuality, Non judgement, Freedom, Surrendering and letting go, Intention, Pleasure, Ecstasy...

It is about your body (including your heart, your mind, ...), your energy, your spirit

It is about embodying. Embodying Life from within.

I Invite you to:

Open, Relax and rest into yourself

Listen and Communicate your needs and desires

Learn to be, here and now

Surrender, Let yourself and your mind go

Meet intimacy and deep pleasure

Discover your deep self, your mysteries…

Learn to love

You are welcome to contact me :

by email : bhavanior@gmail.com

by whats up/phone : +972-52-5545164


My offer:

Consuelling in matters of life force energy, natural sexuality, communication, love and letting go

A journey into self love (3-5 sessions)

Step by step into intimacy (5-7 sessions)

Alive Tantra - How to bring Tantra into your life- learn and practice

Tantric Massage for single and couples




A 3+3 days course & 21 days of practice in between


This course aims to train healers, therapists, body workers,women and men that feel the call to learn and deepen their knowledge of sexual energy flow, learning the art of touch and the Tantric massage

This course also aims in raising your own presence and vibration to a healing level

This course is about opening yourselves to inner love and peaceful state of mind, embrace your life force energy and activate it in others

It is possible to take the first part only to deepen your knowledge or take both part if you wish to become a practitioner. During the course you will have the opportunity to practice several times.

After the course there is a possibility for private coaching and supervision.